Friday, June 22, 2012

Many Year Hiatus After Economic Meltdown

I Haven't touched this blog since returning to the States really. We still mind our p.'s and q.'s, fret over large repair bills but, we have had the luxury to save for Vacation. We're going west folks, like the pioneers only we have petroleum power and comfort in this modern conestoga (including a bathroom and fridge to boot!). We couldn't do this journey without our friends the Laffey's for the loan of vehicles, the wander, we own. In March we marked out the states each each person in the family had been to. The kids (then ages 11, 9, and 6&2/3) had been to. Of course, they all noticed a void in the western states and the eldest shouted: "THIS summer, we have to go west!" How can you argue with an adventuring mapper? You can't...unless he comes to live with you for the summer, out west of course, because he can't live with me in angry non-adventure mode. The western United States is vast, beyond comprehension until you experience it, and I decided this would not just be the journey I plan for kids to see. "If this is the trip we take as a family, tell me the main point you want to see, Grand Canyon or Yellowstone? We can't do both this summer, it's a multi-summer project." The eldest being more geographically savvy gave his endorsement "Yellowstone! I gotta see that place before it blows up!" No, he has never seen 2012, but he's watched hours of documentaries on Yellowstone, so we honored his emphatic response. Tonight, after the first 308 miles of our journey, we land in Rock Island, Illinois, in the estuaries of the Mississippi River. Cranes and Blue Heron were flying everywhere this afternoon. We unpacked the fishing reels to do some dock side fishing, we caught nothing, 9 and now 6&11/12 came back to the motorhome. I turned around to untangle almost 7 year old kids fishing pole and looked up. I said "Holy hell! What is that burning thing in the sky?" No, I'm not religious and the world isn't coming to an end but there really was a burning thing in the sky! The object burned fiercely, above airplanes until it's trajectory lowered and after three minutes or so...nada, no fire, everything toast. That was Rock Island, Il on the 22nd of June 2012 folks. If you could tell us what that astronomical event in the sky was, we'd be much obliged. What a great kick off to our first tour out west, burning objects in the sky! That is exactly what this family looks for, the extraordinary in the adventure, and we're only on day one. It only gets better as you go farther.


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